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A Short Swap Story

Once upon a time, there lived an entrepreneurial Executive Director named Peter Ueberroth, who envisaged a new kind marketing deal for the 1984 Olympic Games in LA. Frought with the dilemma of preserving cash flow while acquiring expensive goods and services for the games, Peter had to devise a crafty marketing strategy.

Possibly unbeknownst to him, Peter honed in on the age-old tradition of barter – the swapping of one’s goods and services in exchange for somebody else’s goods and services. By a stroke of genius and on behalf of the Olympic Committee, Peter offered a super swap deal to their blue-chip corporate sponsors – a barter arrangement that gave the sponsors the right to use the logo of the Olympic Games in their advertisements in exchange for over $150 million in much-needed goods and services to run the games.

And just like that, Peter breathed new life into a powerful alternative marketing tool which was commonplace in just about every ancient culture before the idea of paper-based currency. One that, at that time, created a win-win situation for some of the largest corporations on Earth.

Swap direct and skip the middlemen

Search offers listed by individuals, businesses and organisations and send swap requests direct to Swappers.

No third parties. No swap fees.

Swap Direct and Skip the Middlemen

Say goodbye to "Know your Customer"

Without KYC rules on Swappit.me, the terms of all listed peer-to-peer swaps are dictated by the Swappers.

You decide if and/or who you share your private details with.

Say Goodbye to Know Your Customer

Swap with confidence with verified users

View Swapper's verification status on their detailed profile page. Choose who to swap with based on their feedback rating, and phone and email verification statuses.

Review your experience after every swap.

Swap with Confidence with Verified Users

Refine listings with custom search options

Hone in on your ideal swap according to your specific needs. Filter dedicated search forms customised to fields pre-defined for each category.

Refine Listings with Custom Search Options

Finalise every swap with chat in a protected environment

Go over a listing's swap terms before sending a Swap Request. Confirm all details in a private chat setting between Swapper and Swappie.

Have peace of mind knowing you can cancel the request at anytime before committing to the swap.

Finalise Every Swap with Chat in a Protected Environment

Keep track of swaps on your Account Portal

View your swap history, experience reviews, listings and more on your very own Account Portal.

Hide your profile and listings whenever you need.

Keep Track of Swaps on your Account Portal

Receive email alerts on new listings

Easily subscribe to receive daily, weekly or monthly email digests on new listings in your favourite swap categories.

Receive Email Alerts on New Listings

Best of all

It's free for Swappies!

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Swappit - Increase your revenue freely without breaking the bank | Product Hunt

Swappit.me is a community of people, businesses and travellers who value the competitive advantage of direct peer-to-peer swaps. We connect buyers (Swappies) and sellers (Swappers) by providing a platform that lists products, goods and services which are available for direct exchange. Unlike traditional barter exchanges, our unique buy-and-sell platform offers bi-directional listings, opening up opportunities in a whole new market where customers search for swaps in a variety of categories. As a transaction fee-free marketplace which is open to local, national and international swap listings, Swappit.me is the prime marketplace for the collaboration of global users interested in direct peer-to-peer swaps. Swap your products, goods and services with other members for anything under the sun. Use our platform to move excess inventory, gain exposure to a new subset of the market or to bring in new clients. Swap with fiat or without to maximise your cash flow. Receive payment for your goods or services in something other than money in exchange. Swappit.me is an alternative to traditional marketplaces like eBay, Etsy and Amazon. We do not charge per swap fees saving you on the transactional costs in the buying and selling process of products and services. So why not skip the middle-man and join us in unlocking your full potential as we usher in a revolution to the barter-trading system on Swappit.me.