About Swappit.me

What We Are

Swappit.me is a true peer to peer swaps platform where people, businesses and organisations everywhere are free to swap with each other, between and from anything in a variety of listing categories.

Swap without barriers or borders, while building a network of global and local connections.

Swappit.me - About Us - What We Are

How We Are Different

Decentralised Swaps. Privacy-Embracing. Non-Custodial.


Unlike exchanges or custodial peer to peer platforms like localbitcoins.com (used to be), Swappit.me does not hold or have access to any of your funds, goods or services, nor are we intermediaries in any swap that occurs between Swappers and Swappies.

Without the overheads of arbitration or escrow facilities, we can ensure complete privacy and independence for our users.

Our Mission

Connecting a Planetary Community

We care about empowering people, about giving everyone everywhere an equal opportunity to be prosperous, about living free from the shackles of red tape and about providing a sensible means of liberating the world.

With Swappit.me, we aim to give you the platform to exercise the power you hold in your hands.

Swappit.me - About Us - Our Mission

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